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$60 50 Minute Relaxation Massage Monthly

$65 70 Minute Rejuvenation Facial

Monthly VIP Membership gives you relaxation and re-energizing routinely. Our top-rated team delivers the best in quality treatment and care. You deserve to cut our an hour or so monthly, for your health and wellness. 

No Sign Up or Hidden Fees. No Cancellation Fee. Just Ask For 30 Day Notice. It Really Is That Easy.

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Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be Extraordinary 

Our Mission is to take the skin and body industry by storm, by using our MODern touch. Simply by returning back to the basic of customer service first, finding out what truly is the best treatment plan for each individuals results. This is easily achieved through our consultation process, assessment and applicable treatments needed to be your best self. Once we have started our journey to better skin and body goals, we are with you every step of the way.

Your goals are our goals, your journey is our journey. Join us on the pathway to skin and body success.