GM Collins Hydrolift - Special Event


February 12th from 3pm to 7pm @ Mod Skin and Body ~ A 60 minute facial treatment

A new anti-aging service we are adding this year. The HYDROLIFT treatment provides intense hydration, improves elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. Also helps to lift and firm the face neck and décolleté. This lifting treatment will visibly restore your skin to a youthful look by profoundly improving the visible toning of the face and neck and improving hydration for an age-defying radiance.

Call or email us today for more information and to RSVP.

Introducing GM Collin Skin Care



G.M. Collin’s journey began in 1957, when Dr. Lapinet, a renowned Parisian dermatologist, pioneered the use of collagen pellicles on burn victims to help heal and regain the healthy look of their skin.

For the past 60 years, G.M. Collin has continued its tradition of excellence and innovation with the mission of providing the opportunity for everyone to discover both their unique beauty and absolute self-confidence.

G.M. Collin develops superior skin care products, from preventive care to combating the first signs of aging and for mature skin, achieving unmatched results for all skin types and conditions, thanks to its recognized expertise and innovative ingredients.



When our teams select innovative, high-quality, and superior ingredients from around the world, they choose renewable-sourced ingredients to reduce their environmental impact and preserve the well-being of communities. Our boxes are made from recycled paper, making G.M. Collin an eco-friendly choice. Choose products developed and made entirely in Canada by a team of passionate and dedicated scientists and professionals from Laboratoires Dermo-Cosmetik.


A recipient of more than 50 beauty awards, G.M. Collin remains an undisputed leader in the skin care industry, with its innovative formulas that have earned the praises and recognition of the scientific and cosmetic communities. An extensive network of beauty experts from across North America has chosen G.M. Collin as a brand that delivers assured performance and results to its clientele.

Sublime Eye Treatment

Sublime Eye Treatment

We are vey excited to introduce you to this amazing skin care line during your facial treatments. In the next couple of months we will be implementing a new GM Collin eye treatment and Hydro lift facial. Also we will be offering product that you can add to your skin care regime for at home.

Celebrate 5 Years In Business With Us!


Who’s Ready to Celebrate our 5 year Anniversary!!? Join us Friday November 9th from 3-7pm.  30% off all products Latisse, Bare Minerals, Environ, Obagi, Epionce etc.  Enjoy mini facials, chair massage, a makeup tutorial and experience our new collagen eye treatment by G.M Collin Paris. Specialty packages including laser will be 30% off as well.  Enjoy light appetizers and drinks.  Call now to set up an appointment and RSVP.

So, how are you managing your stress and anxiety?


Reiki is a vibrational healing practice that returns us to balanced functioning on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki can be helpful to people who are addressing a wide range of health conditions such as headaches, insomnia, back pain, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. It may even be used to help recovery of injuries and surgery. 

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing treatment and technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It works by "laying hands". The practitioner lays hands on the head and chakra points of the client after which life force energy begins to flow to the client, inducing changes that help the client relax and get rejuvenated.

Reiki practice doesn’t address the symptom or the condition directly in the way conventional medicine does rather it balances the person's whole system and brings the person back to a greater sense of balance and ease within herself/himself and with that there is symptomatic relief.

It is a great self-improvement method to use. Children, pregnant women and elderly people can benefit from Reiki.

Elmar is offering a special rate of $88 for 60 minutes of Reiki.

Please join us in welcoming new massage staff to Team MOD

Elmar Aliev - Graduated from Renton Technical College as a massage therapy practitioner. He has done an internship at DreamClinic in Seattle and has additional work experience in customer service and administrative services. Elmar is well-versed in Reiki energy work, tuning fork acupressure, and he also teaches yoga. Elmar lives in Kirkland and looks forward to expanding his repertoire in massage therapy at MOD.


Essie Hicks - Comes to MOD with many years of experience in massage practice, teaching massage therapy, and also running her own businesses. Essie received her massage education from Alexandar's School of Natural Therapeutics, where she continued to be actively involved by instructing students, designing their massage program, and managing the student clinic. She and her husband recently moved to Kirkland with their three boys.


Receive 20% OFF Book NOW!

6/1/18-6/30/18 (Not applicable to VIP Members, Can not extend discount into July)

Open House Party!

Join us June 7th from 2pm-7pm for our Open House Party. Enjoy lite bites and drinks, Mini Silk Peel Facials $75, Mini Cool Peel Facials $50, Make Up Tutorials $5, and Chair Massage $5. 

We are also offering $20 mini-private consultations with Dr. Washington Hormone and Therapy Specialist. 



Are you having difficulty losing weight?  Have trouble YO-Yo'ing?  Do you have any symptoms related to hormone abnormalities low libido, energy, mood, hair loss?  These Problems Dr. Washington can solve. 

As well as the great mini-treatments  All products will be 20% off!



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